AgileBits Update Server

Welcome to the AgileBits app update server!

This server is used by our apps for automatic updates. You can also find the latest version information and full release notes.

1Password for Mac

Latest release: 6.3.1

Latest beta: 6.5.BETA-6

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1Password for Windows

Latest release:

Latest beta: 4.6.0.BETA-606

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1Password Browser Extension

Latest release: 4.5.6

Latest beta: 4.5.7.BETA-5

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1Password for iOS

Latest release: 6.4.2

Latest beta: 6.5.BETA-7

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1Password for Android

Latest release: 6.3.3

Latest beta: 6.3.3.BETA-1

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Latest release: 2.3.2

Latest beta: 2.3.2

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Legacy Versions

1Password 3 for Mac

Latest release: 3.8.22

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1Password 1 for Windows

Last release:

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1Password 1 & 2 for Mac

Latest release: 2.12.1

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